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Telehealth Wellness Calls

2 pk Telehealth Wellness Calls
6 pk Telehealth Wellness Calls (CIRS patients)
2 pk Telehealth Wellness Calls (Payment Plan)
6 pk Telehealth Wellness Calls (Payment Plan) (CIRS patients)

Higher Dose

I highly recommend Higher Dose. From Infrared Sauna blankets and PEMF mats to Red Light Therapy facemasks for beautiful, healthy skin. They have everything you need to Detox, Recover, and Heal!

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Brain MD

This is the brand I not only recommend to my clients but, I use them myself!  From ADD, Anxiety and Depression to Concussions,  TBI and Alzheimer’s Brain MD has got you covered!

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A lot of my clients say their biggest struggle is getting all the nutrients they need each day, especially if they don't like a lot of the foods. Organifi takes care of that for you with their AMAZING products that can be added to your smoothies!

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Everyone should have some Apothékary products in their cabinets! If you are looking for an alternative to alcohol...Stop Your Wine-ing is AMAZING! They have blends and singles available so you can get creative with your Mocktails, Smoothies and juices!

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Fullscript Pharmacy 

I recommend Medical Grade Nutricudicles to all of my clients and Fullscript is the dispensary I chose. They have hundreds of Medical Grade Supplements to choose and you SAVE MONEY by purchasing through our dispensary! 

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Sun Home Saunas

For those of you, like myself, who are struggling with high Toxic Burdens and Mold Illness Sun Home Saunas are a MUST! Utilizing Infrared in the saunas you will find the BEST detox experience! 

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We Feed Raw

I don't just care about my clients eating CLEAN foods...I care about PETS as well! We Feed Raw has EXCELLENT meal plans for your pup and they are CLEAN, RAW ingredients with NONE of the chemicals and fillers in regular dog food!

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