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Public Speaker

BSc Psychology

Certified Brain Health Coach through Amen Clinics

Shoemaker Proficiency Partner Diplomate

ReCode 2.0

MoCA Certified

Specializing in the Epigenetics of:


Brain Health/ Mental Health

Cognitive Decline

 Alzheimer's Treatment & Prevention 

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Brain Health and Mental Health Optimization



Has your doctor told you your symptoms are "In Your Head"?

Do you struggle with FATIGUE or BRAIN FOG? Has your health declined but your blood work is "NORMAL"? Do you feel like your doctor isn't listening and doesn't believe you? You may be experiencing symptoms of a chronic illness that is not easily detected through traditional testing. It's important to seek out a healthcare provider who is willing to explore alternative explanations for your symptoms and work with you to find a solution.

Let me help you navigate this complex illness called CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome). I am a Shoemaker Proficiency Partner who was trained and tested by Dr. Richie Shoemaker himself to help patients recover from CIRS. CIRS is a condition caused by exposure to biotoxins from mold, Lyme disease, and other sources. As a Shoemaker Proficiency Partner, I can provide guidance on treatment options and lifestyle changes to help manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

I focus on your brain because CIRS causes atrophy in areas of the brain and Alzheimer's disease. I work with you on Lifestyle Interventions that protect your brain from further damage and help to heal the damage that has already been done. Together, we can create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and helps you regain control of your health. By incorporating evidence-based strategies and ongoing support, we can work towards improving your quality of life and overall well-being.

If you feel like this is you, click the button below to go to our CIRS page to learn more.

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Brain/Mental Health
Cognitive Decline & Alzheimer's
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 At Elyvate Wellness we strive to empower our members so they can live long, happy, and healthy lives. We do this through Lifestyle InterventionsGroup Coaching, and One-on-One coaching.

  As an Elyvate Wellness Community Member, you become part of a Community of people on the same journey. People are more likely to succeed at their goals when they have others to work with. This is why we are a Membership-based Coaching Program. We offer In-Person Initial Intake Appointments or via Zoom for out-of-state clients. Everyone should schedule an Initial Intake Appointment for a personal Lifestyle Plan to help guide you through the program. This appointment will include:

  • MOcA test
  • VCS test
  • B.R.I.G.H.T M.I.N.D.S Risk assessment
  • Intake interview
  • Extensive health history
  • Lifestyle Plan design

  We believe that Brain Health Care should be AFFORDABLE so we have chosen to include EVERYTHING you could need and MORE in our Community Membership for a LOW monthly fee!

  We also specialize in the Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery of those with CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome)

This is NOT your everyday Health Coaching! You will be working with an Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Professional specializing in FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE to cater your treatment to YOUR SPECIFIC BRAIN & BODY! Your Coach is also a Shoemaker Proficiency Partner Diplomate which means she has had EXTENSIVE training and passed rigorous testing for this distinction. She is among a small group of medical professionals who have been trained in the SCIENCE-BACKED Shoemaker Protocol. She is also MOcA Certified.

Elyvate Wellness is on a MISSION to EMPOWER our clients to become the CEO of their healthcare. We teach our clients how to OPTIMIZE their bodies so that they function correctly which will help, and many times reverse their symptoms!


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Do you have a Healthy Brain

A Healthy Brain is the KEY to HAPPINESS and LONGEVITY. Brain Healthy Habits should be a part of your EVERYDAY routine. From the foods you eat to the toxins you inhale or consume, you have the POWER to control your Brains destiny!

 Genetics plays a small role in determining the Health of your Brain. What you eat, drink, and the amount of sleep you get directly impacts your overall BRAIN & MENTAL HEALTH.

Here at Elyvate Wellness, we specialize in 4 main ROOT CAUSES of Cognitive and Mental Health Issues:

  1. Traumatic Brain Injury
  2. Toxins
  3. COVID-19 (Long Covid)
  4. Alzheimer's


 If you HAVE any of the following symptoms you NEED to check out the VIP Membership Program which INCLUDES Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Sessions:

Brain Fog, TBI, Memory Issues, Anxiety, Depression, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Anger, Impulsiveness, Aggression, Fatigue, Gut Issues, Sensory Issues, Pain, Impulsive, Poor Judgement, Procrastination, OCD, PMS, PTSD, Addiction, Sleep Trouble, Trouble Finding Words, Motor Problems, Poor Reading, 

Healthy Brain SPECT Scan

Toxin/ Alcohol/ Substance abuse Brain SPECT Scan

WHAT is Functional Medicine Brain Health Coaching?

Your Coach will work with you to get your brain functioning OPTIMALLY. They analyze your blood from a Functional approach and help you get what you need through a Lifestyle Plan that includes diet, supplements, and exercise to help you HEAL your BRAIN and build BRAIN RESERVE!

WHY do you need a Functional Medicine Brain Health Coach?

Functional Medicine Brain Health Coaching helps to get to the ROOT CAUSE of symptoms and not just get rid of symptoms with medication. We will help you make LIFESTYLE changes that will get you to your goals of  Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health & Well-being!

HOW do you get started on your Functional Journey?

It's easy! To begin, schedule an Initial Intake Appointment by Telehealth or In-Person at one of our four locations. Then, we will design a Lifestyle Plan for your specific brain and body needs. You may then become a part of the exclusive Elyvate Community, where you will be part of a vibrant group of individuals who are also committed to their health journey and you will have access to a one-year program!


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Take this FREE MINI-COURSE and see the Functional Medicine "PATIENT-CENTERED APPROACH" and how it differs from the Conventional Medicine  "DISEASE-CENTERED APPROACH".

  You will learn why so many people are switching over to Functional Medicine or adding a Functional Medicine doctor to their Health Care Team.

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For me, your development is personal!


I'm Heidi Wooley


I am a Certified Brain Health Coach and Functional Blood Chemistry Analyst with a PASSION for helping those who are frustrated with our current Health Care System and are ready to take back control of their health. I have studied the following areas extensively:

  • CIRS
  • Biotoxin/ Mold Illness
  • Brain Health and Mental Health
  • Covid-19 Complications/ Long Haulers
  • Autism
  • TBI and Concussion

My Reason for studying these particular areas is explained in my welcome video. You can find this by clicking the button below.

Hear my story

Resources for every stage of the journey

CIRS Toolkit


1 in 4 people are GENETICALLY predisposed to biotoxin illness which leads to CIRS. CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) is triggered by exposure to biotoxins from Water Damaged Buildings and Lyme Disease. Most people are misdiagnosed because CIRS is a MULTI-SYSTEM, MULTI-SYMPTOM disorder which makes it hard to diagnose. If you have been exposed to mold or a tick bite and have had unexplained symptoms since this course is a MUST-HAVE for you!

Covid Long Haulers Syndrome

If you had Covid 19 and are still experiencing symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, headaches and confusion you could be suffering from Long Haulers Syndrome.

Learn what you can do to correct the damage that Covid 19 did to your body and get your body functioning properly again.

Heal Your Brain, Heal Your Life Course


In his day and age, MOST people are under tremendous stress! From the stress of work and family to the physical stress our bodies can have due to illness we need to have a way to calm the stress and heal the body.

The effects of stress on the brain and body are PROFOUND! Without lifestyle changes, people will head down a path that will lead to Mental Health issues and Chronic Disease!

In this course, you will learn techniques to HEAL your BRAIN through Diet, Supplements, and Lifestyle changes.

You will learn to BOOST your Brain Reserve and get your body into OPTIMAL shape for proper functioning!


Brain Injury Recovery Course


If you have ever had a Concussion or ANY blow to the head or whiplash event this course is for YOU!

You will learn what happens to the brain inside the skull and the symptoms of damage to different areas of the brain.

You will then learn the Concussion Protocol that will DRAMATICALLY improve your brains healing and lessen your symptoms! 

You will also learn how to make your own Concussion First Aid Kit! (Because you never know when you'll need it!)

If you or your child plays a high-risk sport like Football, Soccer, or Boxing/MMA you NEED this course to help PROTECT your brain BEFORE there is significant damage or an injury.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

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