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We Understand how difficult it can be to begin a wellness journey alone. With the Elyvate Wellness Membership, you are part of a community of people who are on the same wellness journey as you. You can find Education, Motivation, and Inspiration right when you need it. You will also form friendships with people who are just like you...committed to their health and overall wellbeing!


Why Go At It Alone?

Be a part of a community of people who are on the same journey as you!


The Elyvate Wellness VIP Membership

Get the MOST with the VIP Membership

The VIP Membership is your ALL ACCESS pass to our Educational Courses on Brain/Mental Health and CIRS. You will also get:

  • FREE Weekly Group Coaching Sessions ($800/mo value)
  • $100+ OFF Telehealth Wellness Call PACKAGES
  • 10% OFF all supplements through our Fullscript Supplement Store
  • Access to the Elyvate Wellness PRIVATE Community where you can participate in Challenges alone or with other members (including your coach) LIVE Q&A sessions, and Live Meet Up sessions with other members. This is like a Social Media page for Members Only where everything you see and post is Health and Wellness related. This is such an AMAZING tool to help keep you focused and motivated on your wellness journey!

It’s time to nurture yourself like never before.

FREE Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

Where else will you get LIVE Group Coaching Sessions for FREE ?? (And the cost of the membership is equivalent to 2 Starbucks Frappuccinos a week!)

($800 value/mo)

50% OFF Telehealth Wellness Calls

Enjoy 50% OFF Individual Telehealth appointments during your Membership! (There are NO LIMITS

($124.99 SAVINGS ea appointment)

20% OFF All Supplement Purchases As A Member

Our Fullscript store carries only the BEST Medical Grade Supplements! When you are using supplements for HEALTH you must use PURE, MEDICAL GRADE Supplements!

Educational Courses

You will have access to the Elyvate Wellness Library of Training Courses in Brain/ Mental Health, CIRS, and so much more!

($999 value)

Elyvate Wellness PRIVATE Community

This is like a Social Media Platform for MEMBERS ONLY where you can connect, comment and share information on your wellness journey and interact with members. Join CHALLENGES, LIVE Q&A Sessions and engaging conversations!

Caring Coach

Your Coach, Heidi Wooley, is walking this journey too! Living with CIRS and a Traumatic Brain Injury, she UNDERSTANDS how difficult it can be. She created this Membership Program because of her own understanding of the need to connect with others like herself. She is a Certified Brain Health Coach through Amen Clinics, Functional Blood Chemistry Analyst, and has trained under Dr. Richie Shoemaker to become a Shoemaker Proficiency Partner. Heidi is a Psychology Major on her way into Clinical Neuropsychology.

Community Only Membership

The Elyvate Wellness Community is a place for members to share stories of their struggles and wins. It's a place for POSITIVE vibes to help you on even your worst of days.

  The Community offers engaging activities like Wellness Challenges and  Q&A sessions. It is like a Social Media platform for people with CIRS and other Chronic Illnesses where you can post and comment on your daily concerns, questions, food ideas, and MORE!

  *The Community Only Membership gives you access to the Community but does not include: Group Coaching Calls, Educational Courses, LIVE Q&A sessions, 50% off Telehealth, or 20% off Supplement purchases. It is JUST the admission into the Community platform. For full access, upgrade to the VIP Membership.


Join a community of people who will motivate and inspire you to be SUCCESSFUL on your wellness journey!

VIP Membership



  • FREE 7-Day Trial
  • Elyvate Wellness PRIVATE Community PLUS: 
  • FREE Weekly Group Coaching Sessions ($800 value/mo)
  • Over 100 Video Lessons included (More added monthly!) 
  • 50% OFF Telehealth Wellness Appointments ($149.99 savings ea)
  • 20% OFF ALL Supplement purchases through our Fullscript Supplement Store 

Community Only Membership


Top features

  • Interactive Challenges to help keep you motivated
  • Educational content added daily
  • Q & A sessions weekly (not live)
  • Private Community where you can talk to people who understand what you are going through
  • Access to your Coach, Heidi Wooley via messages